KMB in da Mix

I just slapped together a mixtape. My first in a long time and it’s just a best-of of different tracks that I enjoyed listening to in the last couple of years glued together with some toilet-humour. It would have included Nat Baldwin’s “Wake Up It’s Time To Rise” but I couldn’t find it on the Tube.

Mixtape Garden will probably rot faster than the strawberries I bought last saturday and threw in the trash today. But they converted the tracks into an MP3 so I got that goin’ for me which is nice.

Once I hit that “Publish”-button, I will try my hand on another one. Expect an addendum post-haste!

PS: Here are TV themes I listened to a lot in the past 5 10 15 20 years.

PPS: The Bojack theme is too long. I should have used the 45-second outro.