Humor ist wenn man trotzdem lacht

It’s Karneval in Germany which means some fucker woke me yesterday at 8 am playing two god-awful tunes over his car-speaker in a volume that you might have heard them. It’s also a time of “suggested” humour. I don’t partake in any of that but I went to the local fair to get me some roasted almonds. They were 4,- Euros for 100 gram so I didn’t get me some roasted almonds.

Instead I walked to the nearest hill today listening to a new audio drama. It’s a funny one. Somewhere between “batshit” and “crazy” and Erie, Pennsylvania, and Paris, Texas. There is dolphin-on-mackerel brutality, talking cats & dogs and a zombie-demon-hybrid called Sam. Of course, I’m talking about “Ocean Dreams“. It reminds me of “Corked” done in a more cinematic style but with the same amount of wackiness.

Another item that made me smile recently was “A Man With One of Those Faces“. The first book in a series of crime novels by Caimh McDonnell. Comparatively speaking they read like Terry Pratchett writing a sphereworld, i.e. real-world, thriller. A bunch of tropes mushed together to create an entertaining whole.

Someone at the library of the university Duisburg-Essen must have a faible for those types of serieses. They have all the Wolf Haas books, an insane amount of novels by Friedrich Ani (I tried one, they are neither funny nor good), seemingly all the McDonnell ones (I just got the second book on my last visit) and perhaps many, many more. Unfortunately they only have a single Agatha Christie novel.