Damn Fine Müesli

Let’s talk breakfast. I start most days with a cup of coffee or black tea; both milked. Once hunger strikes its first bell of the day, I head to the kitchen and prepare my müesli (I really like the e after the umlaut):

Seedy Müesli Recipe

Grab a bowl and pour 50 to 70 gram of rolled oats (they sell a soft and a hard variant here; use the hard one). Throw in a handful of washed and dried blueberries. Top those with additional handfuls of flax seeds, nuts (almonds, go crazy), sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. As if you want to start a garden in your belly. Dice a banana – not too big (I use a spoon and break off little pieces) – and add it before you top it off with another 50 to 70 gram of “basis müesli“, which is a mixture of different cereals they sell in discounters in Germany. It includes spelt (aka dinkel), wheat, even more oat, etc.

Stir the dry mixture. Finally, fill the bowl with milk until it covers all the cereal and fruits and only the occasional floating blueberry can be seen. Wait  20 to 30 minutes before you eat it. I take a dump and a shower while I wait.

Potentially Asked Questions

Are other fruits okay? — Sure. I prefer mushy bananas and the acidic stab a blueberry can provide. Dark grapes are also nice. I tried apples and pears, separately, but haven’t found the right variety yet. Most sorts feel too fresh and juicy for my taste.

Why the oats as a basis if you literally use “basis müesli”? — The prices for the basis müesli have risen from 1,79 Euro to 2,29 Euro within the last year or so. There are obvious reasons considering the Ukraine is one of the main suppliers for cereals, but 30% are 30%. So I cut the good stuff with the cheaper basic rolled oats.