I was about to post BOOOOOOOM‘s latest “Artist Spotlight” for Emily Pettinson into the Media Bites category before I stopped myself and thought “Let’s do a ‘Blogroll Review‘ instead“.

At BOOOOOOOM you get a lot of art for your proverbial buck as well as exposure for your art if you have the real bucks.

It has an art & design blog with a focus on painting and photography and the occasional film and music entries sprinkled in between. They let the art speak for itself. Besides some short intro and links to the artists’ website there is no text just big, beautiful pictures.

It also features ways for up and coming (Canadian?) artists to get into the business of promoting themselves. If you pay a monthly membership fee you can submit your works either for a virtual portfolio or as entries to one of the many projects they have going on.

Technical note at the end: I just noticed that one has to subscribe to three different RSS feeds if one wants to stay up-to-date with their blog as well as the artists’ submissions and the projects.