Blog’n Roll

Haven’t done a blogroll-post in a while. This won’t be one either. Expect a lot of tech-related things instead.

I started 2024 with a nasty cold and Chris Coyier’s OPML file of Personal Developer Blogs. After importing it into my feedreader I had a nifty 17.000 unread posts, which kept me busy for a while. I purged most of the dead stuff, the ones about technology I have no clue of (i.e. ruby on rails, ai, and tailwind css), and those which became too political for my taste.

The start of a new year might be the best time to see whether a blog is subscribe-worthy or not. A lot (capital L lot) of folks summarize their previous 12 months, which makes it easy to see if what they are writing about is interesting.

The tech-blogosphere has sort of a midlife-crisis right now. There is talk about a “dark forestization” of the web, and you know it’s serious when they write a book about it (they actually rehashed some older blogposts; see Good Internet for further links). After the whole Twitter-spiel people – again – realized that it’s not good to rely on walled gardens. Personal blogs are up and coming. Google is thinking about digging up Reader from the dead. Capitalism is still bad. But at least we have a diagram of the web now (courtesy of Naive Weekly), to show us that the internet is indeed a net(work). Now all we need is a good search engine to find stuff. Or we could use links. I prefer links. Hence more links. I will also start updating my blogroll again. But first links (I haven’t actually checked most of those, just bookmarked them, but I need to clean my bookmark-bar to position it next to the address-bar, which one can do, which is a fact that blew my mind last week):

Finally, considering that I mentioned Naive Weekly and Good Internet, there is also webcurios for even more link curiosating. That is what you get when you try to mix curating with curios.