The Quietus

It’s hard to keep up with anything media-related these days. No matter what medium (or combination of) is used in the end, if it is possible to put it on the internet someone will have done so. Said internet is stepping on all the gas-pedals and it seems to have forgotten that there is a brake right beside it (or left? I can’t drive a car).

Fortunately there are sources to keep up to date with certain corners/streams and The Quietus is my preferred portal in all things british independent music. They do other types of culture but their main pull is music in form of regular reviews, national news, eclectic essays, etc pp.

For the last few years it has become a ritual of sorts to use an off-day and go through their “Best albums of xyz” (here is the first half of 2023)-features. It takes a whole day because the loading time for the page itself is about an hour and one spends the other 23 of them listening and making notes of genres, bands, and artists you had no idea existed.