DC’s – The blog of Author Dennis Cooper

It’s hard to describe what to expect in Dennis Cooper’s blog. One of his gif novels might give (pun intended) a clue. Start with Zac’s Drug Binge [nsfw], which can be viewed online.

His posts – often with the help of guest authors it seems – either feature other artists (i.e. painters et al, actors, directors, authors, etc.) or highlight a certain topic (e.g. snow globes, dolls, haunted houses…). They are huge. Vast collections of images, gifs, videos, and texts that will erode the rubber of the scrollwheel on your mouse (unless you use the space bar of your keyboard, in which case, go easy on it).

Each post ends with a post scriptum, which the author uses to communicate with his readers. There is quite the illustrous comunity in the comments.

Word of warning: Some posts will be not safe for work, especially the ones where DC copies (I presume) ads of gay escorts.