Digital Garden: Webcomics

Growing up I read a lot of comics, making good use of my library card. Besides the occasional horror or fantasy novel I always had time to put one or two DinA4-sized albums of the Belgian/French classics (“Asterix & Obelix”, “Spirou & Fantasio”, “Gaston”, “Lucky Luke”, et al) in my backpack. They also had the American comic strip collections of “Garfield”, “Hagar the Horrible” and of course “Calvin and Hobbes”. I read those, too.

But there were no superheroes. I knew of them, I watched the movies with Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton, but I never read them. Until “Spawn” got released in Germany. Month after month, I could borrow single issues from a friend, the same that introduced me to “Magic: The Gathering”, although in contrast to the cardgame the superhero comics didn’t do it for me.

It took until I was in my 30s before I – thanks to the internet – read Gaiman’s “Sandman”, finally finished Smith’s “Bone”, discovered Vaughan’s “Saga” and Lemire’s “Black Hammer”, while skipping most of the text in Moore’s “Watchmen”.

For what it’s worth, I also once watched “Fritz the Cat”.

Having said all this these are the webcomics I enjoy(ed) presented in alphabetical order and updated every so often:

Deeply Dave
An animated underwater adventure with music, which gave me strong Flash (Adobe not DC) vibes.

Diesel Sweeties
Pixeled robots and drunks and geeks and Indy-Pete.

A space-saga that is funny, started in 1998 and is still going strong.

Go Get a Roomie
Girl who likes to sleep around finds girl who likes to sleep. Sex, depression, the whole shebang.

It starts with a female warlock, who enchanted one of her male underlings so that his cum reports on him when he masturbates.

Questionable Content
Slice of life comic, I once subscribed to. Besides that I have no real recollection about its content.

Red Meat
Discovered via way back in the days. Unrelated strips of unrelated characters that are odd (emphasis on “odd”).

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Comic strips scientists and philosophers might giggle about.

Animals on shrooms. Part of False Knees, which you may know from the memes.

The Abominable Charles Christopher
Funny, talkting animals and a Sasquatch on a mission.

The Weekly Roll
Dungeons and Dragons hijinks with a side-splitting funny group of adventurers.

Absurdist strip. It was funnier when it was back on Kaliber 10000.