Arts & Letters Daily

We start with a classic in our Blogroll Review category, Arts & Letters Daily.

It earns its “classic”-status in two ways: First it was founded in 1998 by the late philosopher Denis Dutton. Second, the design has not changed much since then and is as clean and calm as a newspaper that came just out of the printing press.

To stay with the numbers, the concept for the website is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Five to six times a week three aggregated links to online publications, accompanied by a short teaser, are posted. One “Article of Note”, a second with a review of “New Books”, and a third highlighting “Essays & Opinions”. An occasional, time-sensitive link is posted in their “Nota Bene”.

Topics range from philosophy to literature and all the other variants of art and science. In the spirit of Dutton, who is described as a web entrepreneur and media activist, technology – the current Nota Bene features items on AI, Buzzfeed, and even more AI – is a recurring theme.

In the end, it is the perfect source for a feuilleton-fanatic like me, when they crave something with a bit more meat on the bone!